30 September 2006

Flexible Record Project

I started the Flexible Record Project a few years ago. To be honest, I was already infected by the Flexible Record virus 45 years ago when I got my first soundsheet, klankdruk in Dutch, released by Reader's Digest to promote one of their Music For You series.

I still feel the thrill playing these disposable advertisement records as a 10 years old boy.

The Flexible Records released in the 1960s and 1970s as soundsheets, flexies or klankdrukken by firms like Sound For Industry and Sonopresse won't be the subject of this blog.

When I grew older I bought my first flexible records released in the 1920s and 1930s. The brown bended cardboard Durium records, most with the Hit of the week label, were easy to find and my collection grew. Now it contains around 200 originals and the Hit of the week - Durium projects now has its own websites, blogs, discographies and record reissues.

If you're anxious to learn more about this project use one of the links in the menu bar.

I found other flexible records, difficult to find and even more difficult to play on a gramophone. These records, with labels like Filmophone and Goodson where my first treasures and I love to share these rare items in my collection with you.

In the meantime I founded a website where I posted these rare labels from my collection and from other collectors who wanted to share these very rare records.

This Flexible Record Project blog wants you to show these rare labels and share the information available.

You can reach me at this address.



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