19 October 2006

GOODSON 131 additions

Fredrik Tersmeden sent me a comment that I love to post here entirely.

I just noted the scan and the information on Goodson 131 on your “Flexible records blogspot”. Since I’m very fond of the Grey Gull studio band and have collected quite a lot of that groups’s output during the years, I thought I’d add some information regarding the flip side: “Rest Nest”.

The orchestra here is indeed the regular Grey Gull studio band, soloists including Mike Mosiello (tp in his very typical “staccato” style at the beginning), Andy Sannella (as, stg) and Charles Magnante (pac; the vn player doing a duet with him might be Al Duffy).

If I recall correctly Rust’s discography only lists the UK Goodson issue for this title. It was however also released on at least one of the domestic Grey Gull labels: Madison 50025. Here it was however given a bogus matrix number (160) and was retitled “Gee It’s Great To Build A Nest” (both actions common on many Madison issues). The band is credited as “Carlton Dance Orchestra” on this issue and the composer as “Kline” (does the Goodson issue have any composer credits?).

I enclose a scan of the Madison issue.


Thank you Fredrik for your extensive comment. The Madison issue is, to be complete, not a flexible record.

The credits on the GOODSON 131 are equal to the Madison issue (see first image )


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