21 November 2006

Viking 103

Jack Teagarden and His Orchestra: Jack Teagarden tb v dir, John Fallstitch tp, Pokey Carriere tp, Sid Feller tp, Jose Gutierrez tb, Seymour Goldfinger tb, Joe Ferrall tb, Danny Polo cl as, Tony Antonelli as, Joe Ferdinando ass, Art Moore ts, Art Best ts, Ernie Hughes p, Arnold Fishkind b, Paul Collins dm. David Allen ( = David Allyn) vo ( on Here's My Heart)

Recorded New York City, January 1941.


FRENESI Alberta Dominguez

Viking 103

Viking 104 is also by this band and was recorded at the same session.

Rare 10-inch laminated cardboard 78 from 1941 by the very short-lived Viking label, similar to the old Hit-of-the-Week product, but two-sided! The vocalist on one side is young David Allyn (spelled Allen on the label). No question about it, Viking 78s always sound noisy no matter what the condition, and this disc is no exception! (information from eBay)

Source: Jazz Records 1897-1942 Brian Rust.

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Thanks to Han Enderman.

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