26 February 2007


"La Fille de Madame Angot" Les soldats d'Augereau/ duo du RĂ©gime (Ch. Lecocq)
by Miss Terka Lyon & Ed. Tirmont. orch. under direction of M. Fichefet. Editions Phonedibel.

Editions Phonedibel. These firm seems to be famous for their picture records, but this one is the one is "only" white one! Circa 1930. ( information eBay)

Thanks to Han Enderman.

Keep swinging

Hans Koert



07 February 2007


Three English card board Durium records ( and cover) and a light blue Filmophone.
Isn't that great?
Just to show you how great a Filmophone is in your collection.
Hans Koert
Thanks Jerry for sharing this image.

03 February 2007

Der Laut 2001

DER LAUT 2001 + 2003

A German card board flexible record with a thin layer of acetate. These records were released ca. 1932 in Germany for one Reichsmark. They contained political propaganda and song for the CDeutschnationale Volkspartei, a conservative party. They were made by the same company that made the PATRIA records. (source: Michael Lang )

More images with Der Laut label.

Thanks Michael for sharing this images.

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Hans Koert