17 September 2007

Phonycord cover

Han E. pointed me to a great image of a Phonycord record cover. Phonycord records are rather rare; these covers a seldom seen. I had a picture of a Phonycord cover, but now you can see very well that it is transparant.
Phonycord records are transparant too, as they are made of a transparent kind of plastic in all kind of beautiful colours, like the better known Filmophones. The sound quality was not very good.

These Phonycords were released only briefly in the early 1930s, like so many flexible records. They were first pressed in Germany and imported to other countries like England. Later is seems that English Phonycords were made in England too. In England the cost two shillings six pence and they first appeared in England December 1930. The last issue was released ca. five month later, April 1931.
You can see more about Phonycord at my Flexible Record web site.
Thanks Han for forwarding this great image.
Keep swinging
Hans Koert


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