24 June 2008

Mawson Antarctic Expedition

Salle E. Douglas from Australia sent me an image of a rare flexible Goodson Records Advertising Record. It is a copy of a record dedicated to the Mawson Antarctic Expedition of 1929.

She writes: My father was a member of this Antarctic and I have 3 Goodson records - each seems to have one song per side - three of the songs are "Let's Pretend", "Girl Friend" and the "French Song"

This record reads: Presented to the Mawson Antarctic Expedition 1929. In the centre is a picture of a three masted ship "The Discovery".
Sir Douglas Mawson was an explorer and geologist and his first expedition to Antarctica was in 1907 with the Shackleton expedition. Between 1929 and 1931 he was the leader of this expedition and it seems likely, Arthur Badrock says, that Goodson Company presented some Goodson Records to the crew and of course a gramophone to take them on their journey. The record has no visible matrix number, so I can't tell you what tune is on the front, although Sally says that there is none on the front, the groove is very clear visible as usual. On the reverse should be the tune Oh You Have No Idea by the Southern Melody Serenaders, a Fred Hall Orchestra with Irving Kaufman as the vocalist.
It is interesting that she says that she owns two more Goodsons, including Let's Pretend, which could be 31283-1 ( by the Pennsylvania Melody Syncopators (prob. also a Fred Hall recording with Irving Kaufman) ( Goodson 101 or 7007. She forwarded me scans of both other records which have the same "label" as the one above (with the Discovery). I hope to inform you later about what's on it, when I have more info. !!

Thanks Sally for sharing this great rare Goodson with us. hope you can send me the scans of the reverses.

Keep swinging

Hans Koert




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