29 August 2009

Phonycord 643

Thanks to Pontus B. from Sweden I can share with you a flexible PHONYCORD recording, that was released in Germany early 1930s.

Jazz-Sinfonie-Orch. Eddy Walis
Recorded: ca mid 1931
Foxtrot-Potpourri a.d. Optte. "Die Csárdasfürstin" I. TEIL (Kálmán)
- 11706

Jazz-Sinf.-Orch. Eddy Walis
Recorded: ca. mid 1931
Foxtrot-Potpourri .a.d. Optte. "Die Csárdasfürstin" II. TEIL (Kálmán)
- 11707

This "Operette", light opera, was originally composed by the Hungarian composer Emmerich Kálmán in 1915 as A Csárdáskirálynő ( = Die Csárdásfürstin ). This kind of light operas were very popular in the first half of the XXth century. Eddy Walis was a Dutch born Jewish violin player. He was born in The Hague, August 1900 ( or 1906) as Eduard Weisfisz. After he finished the Amsterdam School of Music he became a violin player in Germany, where he played at several cabarets. In 1927 he founded his Jazz-Sinfonie Orchester, that played popular and light classical music. He recorded in Berlin for a lot of different record labels, like this Phonycord Flexible. During the period of this recording Eddy Walis recorded for the Czech Artiphon label. In 1933 Eddy moved to The Netherlands again and played in venues like Café Caland in Rotterdam and for the Dutch radio broadcast. In his band, for instance, the Dutch woman trumpet player Clara De Vries played for some times. In the war he was, being a jew, imprisoned in Amsterdam. After the war he had his own orchestra for some years, playing for the radio and in a Bussum restaurant, a place in the centre of The Netherlands. In the 1950s he played in Jerusalem ( Israël ) and passed away, years later ( October 1966) in Santa Monica, California (USA) so it seems he moved to the States.

Eddy Wallis is to be found on several other Phonycord Flexible records, one of those numerous flexible records, that were produced in the early 1930s. The record material, shiny bright coloured "plastics", looks like Filmophone and were produced in Germany. It is unknown how long the label existed.

Love to share with you a transfers made by Pontus of this PHONYCORD FLEXIBLE 643 record.

Some more recordings by Eddy Walis on Phonycord Flexible: (not a complete list)

Jazz-Orchester Eddy Walis =

-3925 - Am Sonntag will mein Süser mit mir Segeln gehen / (61)

-11004 - Ich hab' Eine Kleine Braune Mandoline / Mir Dir Allein - ( 189)

-11230 - Mein Hundi beißt jedes hünsche Frau ins Bein / (367)

-11244 - Herr Ober - Zwei Mokka (377)

- Für eine kleine Lliason / Vergiss mein kleines Lied ( 283) -

Jazz-Sinfonie-Orchester Eddy Walis =

-11368 - Es sprach der weise Maraby / Wenn die Elisabeth ( 443)

- 1438 - Singing in the Rain ( 447)

- 11460 - Little Pal / I'm in the seventh heaven (455)

I'm sure there are a lot more Phonycord Flexible records by Eddy Walis. You can find out info searching the excellent Rainer E. Lotz discographies.

Thank you Pontus for sharing these great transfers.

Hans Koert



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