24 September 2009

East European Flexible Records

Lyle B. from Apple Valley MN (USA) sent me a message with some record photos that need identification. He wrote: Recently I purchased two picture records and a record sleeve from Ukraine, Russia. The records are very thin, with paper back. The diameter is 228 mm (9"). The recording may be "Hello from Sochi". I do not have a Russian translation of the sleeve - maybe it gives more information about the records.
I do even know if the sleeve original belongs to one or both records. There is not a matrix, record number or name on the record. Since this is quite unusual to me I want to share the photo's with other collectors and the visitors of this flexible Records blog.

If someone could help Lyle to identify his picture records and sleeve please contact me: keepswinging@live.nl
Hans Koert


Anonymous Michael said...

Dear Hans, I can easily read the "Hello from Sochi" back sleeve text, as it is my native tongue. It's just an instruction on how to use the record (change the needle after playing 15-20 times etc.) It's now useless but VERY funny. Thanks for your fantastic blog keepswinging.blogspot.com. It's just a pity you don't provide links for downloading the recordings you describe, at least some of them, as many other jazz bloggers do. Thank you so much anyway. Michael St. Petersburg, Russia

Saturday, October 24, 2009  

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