10 November 2010

Goodson 7001

Thanks to Ruud Tollenaar from Middelburg ( in the south west part of The Netherlands) I can show you a special Goodson record, released to promote Sketch Virginia Cigarettes.

Goodson Record 7001 ( photo courtesy: Ruud T.)

Fred Hall and his Orchestra: I CAN'T DO WITHOUT YOU - Matrix number: 31270 -
Catalogue number: 7001 - Recorded in New York City, June 1928. - Released in London January 1930

Goodson Record 7001 ( photo courtesy: Ruud T. )

Pennsylvania Melody Makers: WHEN WE'RE APART - Matrix number: 31278 Catalogue number: 7001 - Recorded New York City, ca June, 1928. - Released in London January 1930

These 7-inch flexible Goodson Records were released by Goodson early 1930. There must have been a dozen of these records released. They were put on sale in January 1930 and cost one shilling each. You could buy six in a packet, which were labeled as "Amazing Value - 12 Dance hits for six shillings". As you can see the first issue was recorded in the US in 1928 and released two years later, so it were no real hits anymore. A half year later the series stopped and was no longer mentioned. (source: The Goodson discography - Arthur Badrock)

Sleeve Goodson Record (1930) ( photo courtesy: Ruud T. )

Arthur Badrock doesn't mention in his discography this series as an advertisement series for Sketch cigaretttes. As the cover of the Goodson Record is written in Dutch ( not the entire sleeve is in Dutch, only the "manual " ( Leest dit nauwkeurig na!) ( original Goodson text: Read Carefully) and the promo text ONBREEKBAAR - ONBRANDBAAR - LICHT - BUIGZAAM ( original Goodson text in English: UNBREAKABLE - FEATHERWEIGHT - PLIABLE ) it might be possible that this Sketch series was exclusively released for Holland years later ( mid 1930s)

Joop Goudswaard wrote about these 7000-series in Doctor Jazz Magazine nÂș 103 (1984) and heard from an eldery gentleman, while hunting at the Rotterdam fleamarket that the records were sold at tobacco stores only.

Stroboscope Goodson Record 7001 ( photo courtesy: Ruud T. )

This is a stroboscope which was found inside the sleeve. It was released by Fa. M. Spiering in Dordrecht, a city near Rotterdam. The shop sold gramophones, and most of the time they also sold gramophone records, but it is, of course, not known if this stroboscope was originally part of the record and sleeve.

If you have more info about these 7-inch Goodson Records, or you can show us a label "without" the Sketch Virginia Cigarettes adverisement banner, please contact.

Thanks Ruud for sharing this nice little Goodson Record.

This contribution will be posted too in Dutch at the Keep Swinging blog.

Hans Koert



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