07 November 2010


Jerry pointed me to three rare 78rpm flexible records from the 1930s offered at a well known auction site.
At least two of the records have the Titan label - the third one, according to the information of the seller, seems to be a Titan ( related) record too.
"How Would You Like a Free Turkey?' & "A Phonogram from Elliott and Elliott"
"Mussehl & Westphal Saw Solo/Saw Duet"

"Seasons Greetings from the MJB Demi-Tasse Revue" (part 1 & 2)

The info on the label is copied from the sellers information.

I love to know more about these records or the label. The fact that both Titan records have the addition: Electrical Recording indicates that they could be from the late 1920s. Accordinbg to the information it seems that all three records can be played double sided.

Can someone help to identify and date these early flexible records?

Thanks Jerry for pointing me to these rare 78rpm flexible records.

Hans Koert
Twitter: @KeepSwinging


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