23 January 2011

Goodson 132

A few days ago Heather H. asked for information about a Goodson flexible Record she found in her store. Love to share the discographical information for this Goodson Record nr. 132.

Goodson Record nr. 132 ( photo courtesy: Heather H.)
Conrad - Mitchel - Gottler
Fox-Trot with Vocal Chorus.
Broadway Merry Makers

Recorded ca. July - August 1929 by the Grey Gull studio in New York City. The A-take was released as Goodson Records No. 132 and as Radiex 1762.
Fox-Trot with Vocal Chorus
University Syncopators

Recorded August 1929 in New York City in the Grey Gull Studios. The B-take was released as Goodson Records No.132 and as The Syncopators on Radiex 1758.

The personel of these records is unknown, but Brian Rust gives a list of musicians that were available to make these records, most white men, that played in the numerous dance bands of the late 1920s, like Mike Mosiello, Andy Sannella, Al Duffy, Frank Banta, Charles Magnante, Tommy Dorsey and Charles Butterfield. The tunes were recorded by a studio band featuring the musicians "of the day" and were labeled with fantasy names like the High Society Seven, White Way Players, the Cotton Pickers Orchestra or the two names mentioned above. The masters of the recordings were used for other cheap record labels like Radiex, Madison or Grey Gull.

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Sources: The Goodson Record Discography - Arthur Badrock
and the American Dance Band Discography 1917-1942- Brian Rust

Hans Koert
Author of the Hit of the Week-Durium Discographies.


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