03 November 2012

Longophon - 60 Grenzguell-Pils

A few weeks ago Rinus Blijleven found this rare flexible record. It's a one-sided playable German card board Longophon record. It's size is ca. 10.5 cm . The colourfull front reads:  Grenzquell, das echte deutsche Qualitäts-Pilsner . H. Bünnel, Wernesgrün i. D.  In the centre Sachsen Tschechoslovakei Pilsen and again the name of the brewery: Grenzquell Brauerei. This brewery, better known as Wernergrüner Brauerei can be found in Steinburg Wernersgrün in Saxony, Germany.  The Brünnel family was the owner of the brewery up to 1946. This brewery is still active for the Bittburg Braugruppe. 
The Longophon label is rather rare and known for its (most black and white) picture discs. In a previous blog I introduced you to some of those Longophon Bildplattenas I they are called in German.  It was produced by the C. Otto Bestehorn company of Aschersleben between 1930 and 1934. Mind that the record has no information on the "red" label like a regular 78rpm record, but a printed (label-like) promo on the reverse. Like other cardboard records from this period, like the British Durium record, the blank reverse was the ideal place for promotion.  

The reverse of the record has no groove, but only the promotional information - The groove is at the front and has no printed information. In the surface the name Longophon is etched and MADE IN GERMANY in capitals. The matrix number is 60 - the record has no catalogue number.
The record was a publicity record. It has an unindentified vocalist and orchestra, which bring a promo-song ( in German) for the firm. It must have been recorded in Berlin early 1930s, (1930-1931) as the matrix number is just 60.

Thanks Rinus for sharing this rare flexible record from the 1930s.
Thanks to Ronny Busse for his additions.

Hans Koert



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