10 December 2012

Discola - Ford Lied: Het rythme van den weg

 A few days ago I was pointed by Robert Markus to a great picture disc, probably, as the label learns, a promo disc for Ford V8 motorcars. My first idea was that this record was a Goodson-like flexible record from the early 1930s and that’s the reason that this message is posted here, but, thanks to Rinus Blijleven I know now, that this record is NOT a flexible record, nor a Goodson-like label and shouldn’t actually be posted here ……. but …… as I really like this picture disc, I’ll post it in secret ……

 Bert Van Dongen ( 1915-1982)
This record contains two songs, sung in Dutch, dedicated to the new Ford V8 engine, by the Dutch vocalist Bert Van Dongen.  Bert was born in Amsterdam May, 1915 and passed away April 1982  When he recorded this record at the Klank-Film studio Frank in Amsterdam, ca. early 1937, he sung in several orchestras and was introduced some years earlier as a singer to the Dutch Vara radio station in Hilversum.  He would develop into an artists in musical comedies and revues, organized by René Sleeswijk (1950s). He performed in TV-programs like Sterren stralen overal with Rien Van Nunen and Dutch films like Op Hoop van Zegen.
 Mijn nieuwe Ford V8 - Bert Van Dongen met orkestbegeleiding (prob. Orkest o.l.v. Joop De Keur) - Klank-Studio Frank - Amsterdam (ca. early 1937 op Discola) ( source: Rinus Blijleven)(photo courtesy: Robert Markus)
 This record is one of a series of three records Rinus Blijleven has in his collection, all three recorded and produced by Klank-Studio Frank, cooperated with the Van Wouw studios. It was released at the Discola label, although its name is not on the label.
Fordlied "Het rythme van den weg"- Bert Van Dongen met orkestbegeleiding (prob. Orkest o.l.v. Joop De Keur) - Klank-Studio Frank - Amsterdam (ca. early1937 op Discola) ( source: Rinus Blijleven)(photo courtesy: Robert Markus)
 It seems that Klank-Film studio Frank / Van Wouw studios released numerous promo records like for the Zuid Hollandsche Bierbrouwers Den Haag ( sung by Lou Bandy)  and the Primagaz advertisement, sung by Louis Davids, which might be the most well known of the trio. The latter was reissued at the excellent album Wat een meisje weten moet - Reclame klassieken published by the Theater Instituut Nederland (1999) (FAV 1-95204)
 Ford V-8) (1933)
Rinus Blijleven suggests that the orchestra, which accompanied Bert Van Dongen could have been an orchestra directed by Joop De Leur (June 1900 – September 1973), who was a sought after accompanist during the 1930s for dozens of Dutch crooners. 
Ben Van Dongen can also been heard at the Van Nelle’s Koffielied and the Van Nelle’s Theelied, also a Discola record (Discola C436) recorded by Klank-Film studio Frank ( ca. 1936 -1937), also reissued at the cd-album Wat een meisje weten moet.
  • Rinus Blijleven informs that the song was originally performed at the Ford Show in the Albert Hall, October 1936 by King Palmers V8 Shadow Symphony Orchestra, sung by Gordon Little
  Laurens Hertzdahl pointed me to the English version of this song, entitled The Rhythm of the Road.  It is sung by Gordon Little. 

 The information reads: A classic cinema advert from 1937 for the Ford V8 range of cars, with happy singing, lovely English scenery and a real "pleasures of motoring" feel, sung by Gordon Little
 Thanks to Robert Markus for pointing me to this great record and Rinus Blijleven for his photos and information.
Deze bijdrage wordt ook geplaatst in het Nederlands in de Keep (it) Swingingblog.
Hans Koert


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